Case Study: Optimizing Efficiency Through AI Integration


Our client, a leader in the manufacturing industry, was struggling with a legacy on-premise system built in VB.NET. This system, critical to their daily operations, was:

Difficult and expensive to maintain

The aging technology lacked readily available skills in the market, leading to high maintenance costs and long development cycles.

Limited scalability

Extending the system to support new features or a SaaS model was complex and resource-intensive.

Security vulnerabilities

The outdated technology was susceptible to security breaches, posing a significant risk.

These challenges were hindering client’s innovation and agility, impacting their ability to meet evolving market demands.


We partnered with our client to modernize their core system, leveraging our expertise in legacy system modernization and cloud migration. Our approach included:

Comprehensive assessment

We performed a deep analysis of the existing system, identifying its functionalities, dependencies, and integration points.

Modernization roadmap

We collaboratively developed a strategic roadmap for modernization, prioritizing critical functionalities and outlining the migration approach

Microservices architecture

We re-architected the system into modular, cloud-native microservices. This improved scalability, maintainability, and security.

Cloud migration

We migrated the modernized system to a secure & scalable cloud environment, enabling our client to benefit from increased efficiency & cost optimization.


Our client experienced significant benefits from the modernization project:

Reduced maintenance costs

Modern technology with readily available skills significantly reduced operational expenses.

Enhanced scalability

The microservices architecture facilitated easier and faster expansion to meet future demands.

Improved security

Migration to the cloud provided robust security measures and ensured data protection.

Increased agility

The cloud-based system enabled faster development and deployment of new features, fostering innovation.

SaaS potential

The modernized system laid the groundwork for exploring a SaaS model, opening new revenue streams.


Our collaborative approach ensured a smooth and successful project:

Kick-off meeting

We clearly defined project goals, timelines, and milestones

Discovery workshops

We worked closely with our client’s stakeholders to understand their needs and requirements.

Development & testing

We implemented the solution iteratively, incorporating continuous feedback throughout the process.

Deployment & training

We seamlessly migrated the system to the cloud and provided comprehensive user training.

People and Roles


Project manager, business stakeholders, IT team

Our Team

Project manager, business stakeholders, IT team

Value Realization

  • 50% reduction in maintenance costs
  • 75% faster time-to-market for new features
  • Increased user satisfaction with improved system performance
  • Laid the foundation for a potential SaaS model


By partnering with us, [Client Name] successfully modernized their legacy system, achieving significant cost savings, improved scalability, and enhanced agility. Their modernized system is now future-proof, enabling them to adapt, innovate, and thrive in today’s dynamic business landscape.

Are you facing similar challenges with a legacy system?

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