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Revolutionizing Healthcare with Gen-AI: A case study

  In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) is ushering in a new era of data-driven decision-making. At Novel Teams, we’re at the forefront of this revolution, harnessing the power of Generative AI to transform businesses across various industries, with a particular focus on healthcare. One of our most impactful endeavors has been our partnership


Build a Strong and Productive Offshore Team

Building a strong and productive offshore team requires a comprehensive approach that encompasses careful planning, effective communication, talent acquisition, and


Steps to hire an offshore development team

Considering hiring an offshore dedicated development team for your project? Before taking the leap, it’s essential to be well-informed and

Advantages of Quality Assurance Offshoring

Quality assurance offshoring, which involves outsourcing quality assurance activities to offshore locations, can offer several advantages to organizations. Here are


Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

Digital transformation in manufacturing refers to the integration of digital technologies, data analytics, and automation into various aspects of the


Digital Transformation – Trends in 2023

The field of technology and digital transformation is rapidly evolving, and it’s recommended to consult up-to-date industry reports and sources

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